Dear Customer,

regarding the COVID-19 emergency, the Ministry of Health has communicated guidelines and preventions to be respected within our business.

We are aware that it will not be easy but we kindly ask for your collaboration to protect you and all customers who stay there and to make your holiday safer.

We will take care of you and your spaces so that your holiday is peaceful and adequately protected.


  • We have made available to the Guests hand sanitizing gels in all common areas, which in turn will be aired and sanitized at regular intervals
  • We have implemented the sanitation of rooms and common areas with disinfectants recognized by the ministry of health.
  • We have carefully informed our staff, always equipped with a mask, because it guarantees that the safety distances and all the anti-contagion rules are respected
  • We have made available to the Guests useful information on the rules to be respected in order not to take risks and safeguard everyone's health


  • The mask must be worn at the reception and in the common areas
  • At the reception and in the common areas, it is always mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between one person and another
  • Sanitize your hands before using the services


  • At the time of registration, the presentation of only one family member is requested
  • Follow decree in force from 10.01.22 it will be mandatory to be in possession of the Super greenpass to access the structure
  • All guests will be measured body temperature
  • The minimum distance to keep in case of a queue will be marked on the reception floor
  • Every single item delivered to the guest will be previously sanitized and sanitized again when returned.


  • Each accommodation facility will be sanitized before the arrival of our guests by a certified company, then it will be cleaned with products sanitized by the cleaning service with greater attention to all surfaces having contact with guests.
  • Air conditioning systems: with the system off, the police and sanitation will be carried out following the normal procedures set out in the HACCP prescription. The ventilation grills will be periodically sanitized with sanitizing products.
  • All common areas will have a dispense of disinfectant gels;
  • All toilets will be sanitized daily by a certified company and will be sanitized several times a day.





  • It is compulsory to keep the mask in the common areas, it can only be removed in your own umbrella / sunbed area.
  • We have expanded the comfort zone for each umbrella so that you can spend the day in safety and tranquility.
  • Each bed will be sanitized at each guest change
  • We have made available on our Camping Tropical website the possibility to book beach packages to spend days at the beach:



  • Compulsory to go to the services and to the Bar with mask
  • We have made sanitizing gel available at the beach bar for all our guests
  • We have placed signs at the Bar
  • Keep the distance between people and respect your shift so as not to create crowds
  • Hot showers can be used but respecting social distancing
  • Children's playground will be usable but with a maximum capacity of children inside.


We thank you in advance for your collaboration !!

Greetings from all the STAFF of CAMPING TROPICAL !!!