Publish your photo and win


To publish the photograph and enter the competition you need it to be:

  • Royalty-free and authorized by whom it was taken. Who sends it automatically grants permission for its use and shall assume responsibility.
  • The image must be in jpg or jpeg format
  • The image must not exceed 4 MB
  • Camping Tropical reserves the right to refuse publication in the following cases:
    – photos already on site
    – scandalous photos
    – out of focus photos

Refusal to publish the photos will be at the discretion of the Camping Tropical Management, which will also decide the length of publication on the website. These rules are designed to maintain a level of quality on the relevant page. Camping Tropical agrees not to sell to others, declining any responsibility in the event that private entities use this photographic material.

Important for publication:

  • It is necessary that Camping Tropical has the full address and telephone number of the sender of the photo. This personal data will not be published but may be used by Camping Tropical for any reason.
  • Along with the photos, attach a title the date or the year when it was taken.


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