The Camping Tropical history

Yesterday, Ezio & Rossana…

They are the ones who started it all

Camping Tropical was founded in1995 from Ezio e Rossana’S dream and has been run with passion and dedication by the family since the beginning.

A quiet and cosy place for summer holidays in Sottomarina which has started to grow rapidly. Guests were attracted by the family atmosphere and the natural beauty of the area.

In the years that followed, the campsite gradually expanded, with new accommodation and more and more state-of-the-art facilities. The family has continually invested in the campsite maintenance and expansion, offering more and more facilities and services to make their guests’ holidays as comfortable as possible.

Camping Tropical today

Ongoing focus on improvement

A modern and elegant campsite

Direct access to the seaside

Today, Camping Tropical is modern and elegant campsite with direct access to the seaside, and a large provate beach, provided with a wide range of facilities.

There are spacious pitches for tents and campers, as well as modern accommodation and luxury flats with every comfort. The campsite also includes a large children’s play area, a restaurant & bar/cafeteria, and a kiosk on the beach.

Ongoing focus on improvement

The family commitment

The family’s ongoing focus on improvement and commitment have made Camping Tropical the best destination for families and travellers of all ages. Renowned and respected for its hospitality and attention to detail, guests can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the beauty of the Veneto countryside.