Camping Tropical Regulations

For a safe and peaceful stay

In welcoming you, the Management invites you to strictly observe the following in order to guarantee everyone a peaceful stay.

These regulations are distributed upon arrival and are displayed both at the entrance and inside the accommodation complex. It is therefore accepted without reservation upon entry.

General Information

General rules

It is strictly forbidden to dig ditches in the ground, damage plants, light fires other than with a barbecue, play with balls or games that cause disturbance; to put up shade cloths, pull ropes at eye level, install structures that in the judgement of the management are considered dangerous or unseemly; to damage or tamper with facilities or equipment.

Animals are only allowedon the maximum capacity pitches..

Booking Conditions

Your booking is confirmed by making a deposit of € 200.00 per week by bank transfer.. Your booking shall be considered final only upon receipt by the Management of the BOOKING CONFIRMATION.

Payment on arrival

We only accept

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Cash/Debit card

Cheques are not accepted.

Tills hours: 8am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm-8:00pm


The Management is not liable for damage caused by other guests, force majeure, natural disasters, or other causes not due to direct negligence on the part of the campsite staff.
The Management is entitled to expel those who fail to comply with the provisions of these regulations.


  • For cancellations made by 28/02/2023, the entire deposit will be refunded, minus booking fees.
  • Within 45 days of the start of the stay, 50% of the deposit will be returned, minus commission fees (€ 15.00).
  • After this deadline, no reimbursement will be made.

Access and visits


Anyone who has to enter the campsite for any reason whatsoever must obtain authorisation from the Management.. For this purpose, each person’s identity document must be handed over to the management for legal registration and must report any changes in attendance.


Visitors may only enter the campsite after authorisation from the Management.. Should a visit last longer than 30 minutes, the visitor’s rate as a day visitor will be charged.

Visiting hours: 8am – 12:30pm / 1:30pm-8pm

Vehicles circulation

All vehicles may only be used to enter and leave the compound, during permitted hours, at a moderate speed and must obey the signs provided. In addition, it is forbidden for children with bicycles to ride during rest hours.

Rest hours and traffic bans:: 1pm – 3pm / 11pm – 7:30am


Adults are responsible for the behaviour of their children, who should always be accompanied to the toilet, playground, beach, by an adult person. The Management declines all responsibility in this respect.

During your stay

Valuables deposit

Guests are responsible for the safekeeping of their belongings. The Management is not liable for any theft of objects and valuables not entrusted and accepted for safekeeping.

Telephone messages

Messages to guests are given via loudspeaker at certain times of the day. Out-of-hours telephone calls will be noted down by the Management.


Rates are per day, regardless of the time of entry. The day of departure will also be counted if this takes place after 11 a.m.

Pitch allocation

The pitch will be allocated at the discretion of the Management on arrival and no changes are permitted without authorisation. Cars must be parked on the pitch, next to the tent or caravan, or in a parking space allocated by the Management.



A deposit of €50.00 in cash is requested on arrival, which will be returned on departure after the premises have been checked.

What the price includes:

  • In the house: fridge, water, electricity and gas consumption, TV and parking space
  • on the beach: parasol and 2 sunbeds on private beach (beach service excluded from 05/04 to 30/04 and from 08/09 to 20/09)
  • In the village: playground for children

The number of persons indicated per unit is the maximum allowed.

Extra costs

  • Weekly linen hire: € 10 double and € 5 single
  • Final cleaning € 35,00.

Check-in / check-out

Amalfi Mobile Home, Chalet Bürstner
and Garden Villa

Check in: Saturdays after 3:pm
Check out: Saturdays within 10am

Apartments, De Luxe and
Villa De Luxe Spa

Check in: Fridays after 3:pm
Check out: Fridays within 10am