Palio della Marciliana

17 – 18 June, 2023, in Chioggia

The Palio of Marciliana is a Medieval historical re-enactment , of the years from 1378 to 1381.

It takes place annually in Chioggia, along Corso del Popolo, the town’s main street.

It is organised on the third weekend of June and brings to life with a varied series of events regarding the city in the Middle Ages and representing what has gone down in history as the War of Chioggia, fought to obtain hegemony in the Eastern trading ports, between the Most Serene Republic of Venice and the Republic of Genoa. Banquets are set up, taverns are erected with the Tower of Montalbano next to them, and camps of armigers are set up, while all around there is dancing, singing, and simulated fighting.i.

Including the Palio della Balestra (Crossbow Palio)

In the competition are five contrade (quarters) representing the 14th-century Cluj community: they are the soul of the Palio and compete for supremacy with the shooting of large crossbows. Crossbowmen show visitors flags, armour, musical instruments.

A historical reconstructionwith the involvement ofparticipants wearing 14th century costumes and swordsmen, as well as the work activities of that time, and in the gardens of the lagoon.

In the evening, the Palio events conclude with a festive procession preceded by themed performances, such as the tower fire and scenes of daily life staged in the lanes, on the foundations, on the banks and in the fields of the various quarters.