Excursion to Isola di Pellestrina

Pellestrina is a beautiful island in the Venice Lagoon just a stone’s throw from Chioggia and Camping Tropical. With its row of multicoloured houses, and its ancient ‘Murazzi’ (sea walls), the picturesque island of Pellestrina is a thin strip of land that extends the island of Lido southwards.

These villages form the island: San Pietro in Volta , Portosecco , Pellestrina and Sant’Antonio , and its history begins in the 14th century at the time of the War of Chioggia, when it was divided among four noble families who supported its reconstruction, and gave their names to as many quarters (Vianello, Busetto, Zennaro, Scarpa).

Pellestrina is a unique itinerary to take by bicycle: pedalling you can admire the Murazzi and the All Saints’ Cathedral, the beaches of Pellestrina and the LIPU (Italian League for Bird Protection) oasis of Ca’ Roman.

Distance from Sottomarina: 6 miles
Travel time: 1h 10 mins by ACTV public transport – Route 11